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2.8 Extended surgery
Extended surgery Extended surgery Extended surgery Extended surgery Extended surgery Extended surgery Extended surgery

All cases in which it is impossible to install implants without special procedures or requiring a certain implantological experience, are referred to as extended, or complicated; these include sinus lifting, transplantation of bone blocks , directed bone regeneration and use of membranes, splitting an alveolar process, transposition of the lower alveolar nerve, etc. As a rule, all these procedures require additional surgical equipment: not only specialized tools and materials (mills and drills, curettes, retractors, osteoplatic materials, membranes), but also stationary equipment (piezoelectric surgery system, fibre-optic devices, etc.).

I would like to note that all cases of extended surgical operations require well-formed manual skills for working with bone tissue and high sensitivity of the surgeon’s fingers.

All the procedures in this section are presented in order of increasing complexity, and I remind you that you can perform such operations only after finishing specialized courses and training sessions.

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