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An illustrated manual of implant dentistry.

Dear Reader,

The present publication deals with dental implantology, one of dynamically developing branches of dentistry, covering a wide range of issues – from workplace facilities to specific surgical and orthopedic protocols. The book provides a detailed survey of various surgery complications that may occur in clinical practices. The edition has been prepared in cooperation with the CONMET Company, Russia's leading manufacturer of implantological products. It vividly illustrates successful achievements and prospects of Russian medical equipment and supplies industry. Richly illustrated, the book will be helpful both for beginning and experienced surgeons in dental implantology.

Manual does not claim to be entirely comprehensive, or to reveal every professional secret of implant dentistry. It should not be treated as a practical guide but rather as a list of recommendations and an attempt to discuss important but neglected aspects of implant dentistry in simple terms. I tried to focus on practical implant dentistry, but some theoretical postulates and universal truths could not be disposed of. You will probably find them unnecessary, but you will certainly return to them in due time.

The author expresses cordial gratitude to the CONMET Company, whose intellectual potential and laborious work have been promoting the development of modern medical technologies in Russia.

Surgical Procedure
Prosthetic procedure
Errors and Complications