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4.1 Possible problems
Possible problems Possible problems Possible problems Possible problems Possible problems Possible problems Possible problems

Speaking about dental implantation you can’t avoid mentioning errors and complications. For me the borderline between a complication and an error still remains quite vague. It is very difficult to establish a cause-effect relationship there. It is commonly believed that errors lead to complications. And vice versa, if you don’t make mistakes, there will be no complications. It seems to be so, but not in medicine!

Just imagine that after an ideal surgery, with sufficient bone volume, without any abnormalities in the post-operative period or any complaints on the part of the patient, and with the waiting period of 4 months, you make a follow-up X-ray to see that everything is perfect. Oral cavity examination proves the same. But when you try to remove the inner cover screw and install the healing cap, you screw out the implant! You made no errors, but there is a complication.

Another case: you have a perfect implant-supported single crown in the area of the upper premolar. All other teeth are intact. There is no bruxism, and the occlusion is well balanced. In a year and a half, the patient brings you this crown with a fragment of the implant sticking out of it: the implant broke deep inside the bone. And there had been no external traumas or injuries!

Any dental implantology practitioner can tell you a dozen stories like this! Those who have never experienced such things in their own practice can say that something must have been done wrong or overlooked, because there is no smoke without some fire, etc.

is protected from such occasions, so never say never! According to Murphy's Law, the greatest trouble comes when least expected, when you are sure that you’ve foreseen and thought everything through. Most improbable things may happen in our life and work.

But let’s stop philosophizing and proceed to the review.

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